P90X Phase 2 Meal Plan Week 4

Phase 2 Week 4 Plan (Scale these plans for your level 1,2 or 3) Our calorie goals are 1600 for me and 2200 for my husband.

Breakfast: Mushroom, Spinach and Cheddar egg white omelet, bagel, fruit and coffee  (about 450 calories)
Lunch: Grilled Flank Steak salad with greens, feta, red onion and balsamic dressing (about 400 calories)
Dinner: BBQ Grilled Chicken with baked beans and green salad (about 500 calories)

: Egg white, spinach feta and sun-dried tomato scramble with bagel & light cream cheese, fruit and coffee (about 450 calories)
Lunch: BBQ Chicken Fiesta Salad (about 500 calories)
Dinner: Grilled Halibut or Tilapia (4 oz), steamed brocoli and 1 cup couscous (about 375 calories)

Breakfast: Sausage with cheese muffin, fruit and coffee (about 450 calories)
Lunch: Tuna Salad Wrap (about 400 calories)
Dinner: Fish Tacos (about 350 calories)


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